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Tired Of Wasting Money On Your Electric Bill? 3 Steps To Get Those Costs Under Control

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Summer is in full swing. If you’re like most people, you’re probably trying to find ways to save money on your electric bill. Old, outdated systems can really put strain on your residential electrical system, which will result in elevated electric bills. Here are three steps you can take to get your energy use under control.  Change Your Lightbulbs Take a look at the lightbulbs you’re using in your home. If you’re still using incandescent lightbulbs, you’re probably wasting money. Those old, incandescent lightbulbs not only burn out faster, but they also cost more to use. Switching to compact fluorescent bulbs will provide your home with more light, and cost less to use. Your fluorescent bulbs will also last longer, which means you won’t have to replace them as often. Studies show that compact fluorescent bulbs only use about ¼ of the energy that older incandescent bulbs do. The same studies show that they last about 10 times longer too. Contact a local electrician like Midway Electric Inc for more information about how switching your lightbulbs can save money and energy. Conduct a Home Energy Audit Another way to ensure that you’re not wasting valuable electricity is to conduct a home energy audit. You might be wasting energy in areas of the house that you wouldn’t have even considered. While conducting your energy audit, you’ll want to pay attention to areas that might require updated equipment. Circuit Breakers – outdated circuit breakers can result in shorts that can damage your wiring Wall sockets – outdated wall sockets waste electricity Outdated Wiring – worn-out wiring can lead to power surges that increase power usage Upgrade to a New Air Conditioner If your air conditioner is outdated, it could be wasting electricity and costing you extra money on your utility bills. If your air conditioner is making noises, or has a hard time maintaining the proper temperature in your home, it might be time for a new unit. Modern air conditioner systems are designed to be energy efficient. Studies show that you can save about 20% on your energy bill by upgrading to a new air conditioner. If your electric bill is out of control, it might be time to upgrade your electrical system and appliances. The simple tips provided here will help you get a handle on your energy usage. For other helpful tips on how to save money on your electric bill, be sure to speak to your...

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Own An Older Home? These Inspections Can Help Save You Money

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As a homeowner, there are many benefits to take advantage of – most notably the ability to make aesthetic changes and renovations without having to seek permission from anyone. But with all the benefits of home ownership comes the responsibility of taking care of maintenance and repairs throughout the years. If you live in an older house, repairs and maintenance tasks can get expensive as time goes on. Having different aspects of your home inspected periodically can help keep it in optimal condition as the years pass and save you some money on both maintenance and repairs. Consider incorporating the following home inspections into your long-term management plan: Electrical Your home’s electrical system can develop a variety of problems as it ages. Having periodical electrical inspections done by a professional will help ensure that your system isn’t being exposed to unnecessary wear and tear, and that there aren’t any problems with interior wiring and concealed components that you should be aware of. Having clear insight into the condition of your electrical system should help you avoid having to deal with malfunctions that are costly to repair. In addition to inspecting the basic electrical elements of the home, your electrician should also: Inspect the circuit panel and breakers. Replace outdated fuses and wires. Inspect outlets for proper installation and function. Your service technician can teach you how to keep tabs on many aspects of your electrical system between professional inspections so you can catch small issues as they arise and before they become too costly to address. Electricians like CMC Electric can offer more guidance. Trees Consider having an arborist inspect any large trees that are growing in your yard each year to ensure that they don’t damage your home or property as they age. When trees get old, sick, or weak, their branches can break off and fall on your home, garden, or patio furniture and cause serious damage. Keeping your trees in good health can save you quite a bit of money on repairs throughout the years. Your arborist will be able to determine whether or not your trees are suffering from tree rot, fungal infections, and other health issues that challenge their integrity. With the information gathered, the arborist should provide you with recommendations to address your tree problems, such as using specific trimming techniques and incorporating various mechanical support systems. These inspection options shouldn’t take too much time or investment, yet they are sure to provide you with peace of mind for as long as you own your home....

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Three Electrical Tips For New Homeowners

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Your home’s electrical system is among the most complex and important components of a home. However, it can be common for a new homeowner to have a relatively weak understanding about these systems, which can make it difficult for individuals to get the most from these systems. For example, these homeowners may not appreciate some of the steps that they can take or upgrades that can be made to help improve the performance of a home’s electrical system. If you are a new homeowner, you may benefit from using the following tips. Have Your Breaker Box Serviced The breaker box is essentially the combat center of your home’s electrical system. From this box, you will likely be able to terminate power to any part of the house. Unfortunately, these boxes can accumulate large amounts of dust and dirt. Also, the internal wiring may start to degrade, which can lead to overheating and power surges. To minimize these risks, you should have the breaker box inspected by a professional whenever you notice that it is producing a burning smell or circuit breakers start flipping more frequently. Install Emergency Lighting During a nighttime power outage, it can be extremely difficult for you to see. Sadly, you may not always have ample candles or flashlights for these situations. Luckily, it is possible to install emergency residential lighting. These lights use a rechargeable battery to power strategically placed lights. By including these lights in the hallways, bathroom, and living room, you can ensure that you will be able to see in these critical areas of the home. Once the power is restored, the battery will start to recharge. Utilize Solar Power There is a common misconception among some people that solar power is not a practical option for new homeowners due to the price of installing these systems. However, this is far from the case because the price of solar panels have been dropping while the efficiency has dramatically increased. As a result, this is now a viable option for providing your home with electricity. For those that lack the space for enough solar panels to completely power the home, it is possible to leave the house connected to the local power grid, which can allow you to still enjoy lower energy costs without sacrificing your comfort. In addition to having experienced a price decrease, there are a number of rebates and incentive programs available to help you offset the initial investment that installing these panels will require. For an electrician, contact a company such as Dunedin Electric Co.,...

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4 Electrical Issues Easily Resolved By A Licensed Electrician

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Electrical issues in your house can range from the relatively benign to the serious and dangerous. Whatever the case might be wrong with your electrical system or wiring, it best to leave the matter to a licensed professional, due to the precarious nature of the situation. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of a few electrical issues that can be easily resolved by a licensed electrician. Lighting Issues Lighting issues mainly manifest themselves as your lights being quite a bit dimmer or brighter than they should be, despite multiple bulb replacements. It is common that such issues revolve around your potentiometers, which is a problem that can be easily solved by a licensed professional. However, this can also be a portent of a much more serious issue, such as a botched or poorly designed wiring job. This can become the source of an electrical fire, and, as such, should be examined and rectified by an electrician as soon as possible. Breaker Issues Most breaker issues revolve around your breaker simply not resetting. If you’re having a problem with a breaker consistently and constantly resetting, this might be cause for concern, and you should not attempt to turn it back on, if it has tripped multiple times. Much like the issue revolving around lighting, if your breaker refuses to reset, then this could point to a poorly designed wiring job. Noises Strange noises can be indicative of a serious issue with your electrical system. If you notice that your outlets, appliances, breaker box, or electrical panel are emitting strange noise, or you are simply hearing noises from inside of your wall, this can be a huge cause for concern. Hissing or snapping sounds can indicate that the casing around your electrical wiring is melting, and is a sure fire sign that, if not dealt with in a timely manner, your house will fall victim to an electrical fire. Old Wiring If you simply know the fact that your wiring is over ten years old, you should have your electrician examine it. A professional electrician will be aware of any municipal codes that your older wiring may not currently meet, and can give it a thorough examination to ensure that your home won’t become the subject of an electrical fire anytime soon. A professional, licensed electrician is an absolute necessity when it comes to addressing in electrical or wiring based issues in your home. Don’t rely on yourself, or those without the credentials, when the touch of a professional could potentially save your...

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Fire & Life Safety System Improvements You’ll Need When Installing High-Piled Pallet Racking

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If you are the project manager of the installation of a new high-piled pallet racking system in a warehousing facility, there are a few crucial things you need to know about how the new racking system may affect your fire and life safety system. High-piled pallet racking systems create channels of air that can result in a chimney-like effect on air movement in the aisles within the warehouse, which can cause flames and smoke to spread rapidly in a fire. Here’s what you can do to prevent it.  Fire & Life Safety Systems Should Include Ventilation  The fire and life safety systems include the smoke detectors, sprinklers, and fire alarms in the facility. For warehouses with high-piled pallet racking systems, ventilation should also be part of the fire and life safety systems. When the detectors and sensors detect smoke or significant heat, they automatically signal the ventilation system to turn on to help control the air movement and, therefore, the flames and smoke. Since heat and smoke naturally rises, the ventilation system would counteract the rising heat and smoke by forcing air downwards into the aisles, which effectively reduces the ability for the heat and smoke to rise and spread.  Hire an Industrial Electrician to Install a Computerized Control  Many fire and life safety systems operate with valves and sensors that signal switches to open in an electrical wiring network. The switches then send electricity to other components, such as the ventilation and fire alarm monitoring systems, which signals them to activate. Instead of this, hire an industrial electrician to install a computerized system that has a programmable logic controller (PLC) incorporated into it. The PLC will be configured to identify changes in the detectors and sensors throughout the warehouse. When it determines that changes are occurring, the PLC will then determine if and when the fire and life safety systems will turn on. This type of computerized system is more reliable than older systems that rely on relay switches and valves that may not open in the event of a fire. To protect the wiring network of the computer system, the wires and cables will need to be installed in fire-resistant electrical ducts, which your electrician can install in the warehouse.  The computerized control will also signal the fire alarm monitoring system, which will automatically alert the local firefighters and warehouse owner when fire and/or smoke is detected in the warehouse.  For more information, contact Brian Thornton Sons Electric or a similar...

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