When to Fix-It-Yourself and When to Call an Electrician

Messing with electrical appliances and components is serious business. Hello, my name is George Tanner. I’m a retired electrician. I can’t even begin to tell you how many horror stories I heard over the years of working as an electrician. People who thought they could quickly fix something in their homes but never should have even tried. Some got hurt and others were lucky. My goal here is to provide you with some guidelines as to what electrical malfunctions are easily fixable by nearly any adult, and what you should never attempt on your own. One thing you are going to hear me stress more than once is that electrical components are not to be taken lightly. We protect our children from them; we also have to protect ourselves. I hope you find this blog to be helpful!

3 Tips To Update Your Business With Wiring And Networking Solutions For Your IT


Today, the devices that are used in modern business often use low-voltage electrical designs and can also be connected to networks. When you are updating the wiring in your business, you may need to have the electrical service upgraded, more outlets installed, and wiring updated; this is a great opportunity to update your business with modern solutions to power the IT in your business, such as installing USB plugs with outlets or metered outlets. Here are some tips that will help you decide on how to update your business for IT with modern wiring and network solutions:

1. Smart Metered Outlets That Help Monitor and Control Electricity Consumption

When updating the electrical wiring in your business, there are going to be new outlets that need to be installed and some that need to be replaced. Today, there are metered outlets that can be installed in areas where you use the most electricity, such as for an entertainment center or computer equipment in a business office. There are also smart outlets that can be programmed and controlled with applications to help you save energy.

2. Low-Voltage Wiring for USB Outlets, Business Automation and Energy Efficient Lighting

Modern technology has improved in many ways, which includes low voltage designs that use less energy. There are probably a lot of devices in your business that uses USB connections, or a type of transformer plug to power them with low-voltage electricity. When updating the wiring in your business, you can have low-voltage connections installed with outlets that have USB plugs integrated into the design. There are also low-voltage features that are used for business automation and modern energy-efficient lighting designs, which can be wired when updating the electrical installations in your business.

3. Cabling for POE Devices That Are Connected to Business Networks and The Internet

When wiring your business, there may be some devices that are going to be connected to a network. These devices can be powered by POE routers or switches, which provide the current through the LAN cables, so they do not need extra electrical wiring. Some of the devices that can be powered by POE networks include video cameras and IoT (Internet of Things) devices like smart HVAC thermostats that can be controlled remotely over the Internet.

These are some tips to help update your business for IT with modern wiring and networking solutions. Contact a commercial electrical installation company and talk with them about some of these improvements for the electrical and mechanical systems in your business. 


14 May 2018