When to Fix-It-Yourself and When to Call an Electrician

Messing with electrical appliances and components is serious business. Hello, my name is George Tanner. I’m a retired electrician. I can’t even begin to tell you how many horror stories I heard over the years of working as an electrician. People who thought they could quickly fix something in their homes but never should have even tried. Some got hurt and others were lucky. My goal here is to provide you with some guidelines as to what electrical malfunctions are easily fixable by nearly any adult, and what you should never attempt on your own. One thing you are going to hear me stress more than once is that electrical components are not to be taken lightly. We protect our children from them; we also have to protect ourselves. I hope you find this blog to be helpful!

Three Electrical Tips For New Homeowners


Your home's electrical system is among the most complex and important components of a home. However, it can be common for a new homeowner to have a relatively weak understanding about these systems, which can make it difficult for individuals to get the most from these systems. For example, these homeowners may not appreciate some of the steps that they can take or upgrades that can be made to help improve the performance of a home's electrical system. If you are a new homeowner, you may benefit from using the following tips.

Have Your Breaker Box Serviced

The breaker box is essentially the combat center of your home's electrical system. From this box, you will likely be able to terminate power to any part of the house. Unfortunately, these boxes can accumulate large amounts of dust and dirt. Also, the internal wiring may start to degrade, which can lead to overheating and power surges. To minimize these risks, you should have the breaker box inspected by a professional whenever you notice that it is producing a burning smell or circuit breakers start flipping more frequently.

Install Emergency Lighting

During a nighttime power outage, it can be extremely difficult for you to see. Sadly, you may not always have ample candles or flashlights for these situations. Luckily, it is possible to install emergency residential lighting. These lights use a rechargeable battery to power strategically placed lights. By including these lights in the hallways, bathroom, and living room, you can ensure that you will be able to see in these critical areas of the home. Once the power is restored, the battery will start to recharge.

Utilize Solar Power

There is a common misconception among some people that solar power is not a practical option for new homeowners due to the price of installing these systems. However, this is far from the case because the price of solar panels have been dropping while the efficiency has dramatically increased. As a result, this is now a viable option for providing your home with electricity. For those that lack the space for enough solar panels to completely power the home, it is possible to leave the house connected to the local power grid, which can allow you to still enjoy lower energy costs without sacrificing your comfort. In addition to having experienced a price decrease, there are a number of rebates and incentive programs available to help you offset the initial investment that installing these panels will require.

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16 May 2016