When to Fix-It-Yourself and When to Call an Electrician

Messing with electrical appliances and components is serious business. Hello, my name is George Tanner. I’m a retired electrician. I can’t even begin to tell you how many horror stories I heard over the years of working as an electrician. People who thought they could quickly fix something in their homes but never should have even tried. Some got hurt and others were lucky. My goal here is to provide you with some guidelines as to what electrical malfunctions are easily fixable by nearly any adult, and what you should never attempt on your own. One thing you are going to hear me stress more than once is that electrical components are not to be taken lightly. We protect our children from them; we also have to protect ourselves. I hope you find this blog to be helpful!

4 Electrical Issues Easily Resolved By A Licensed Electrician


Electrical issues in your house can range from the relatively benign to the serious and dangerous. Whatever the case might be wrong with your electrical system or wiring, it best to leave the matter to a licensed professional, due to the precarious nature of the situation. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of a few electrical issues that can be easily resolved by a licensed electrician.

Lighting Issues

Lighting issues mainly manifest themselves as your lights being quite a bit dimmer or brighter than they should be, despite multiple bulb replacements. It is common that such issues revolve around your potentiometers, which is a problem that can be easily solved by a licensed professional. However, this can also be a portent of a much more serious issue, such as a botched or poorly designed wiring job. This can become the source of an electrical fire, and, as such, should be examined and rectified by an electrician as soon as possible.

Breaker Issues

Most breaker issues revolve around your breaker simply not resetting. If you're having a problem with a breaker consistently and constantly resetting, this might be cause for concern, and you should not attempt to turn it back on, if it has tripped multiple times. Much like the issue revolving around lighting, if your breaker refuses to reset, then this could point to a poorly designed wiring job.


Strange noises can be indicative of a serious issue with your electrical system. If you notice that your outlets, appliances, breaker box, or electrical panel are emitting strange noise, or you are simply hearing noises from inside of your wall, this can be a huge cause for concern. Hissing or snapping sounds can indicate that the casing around your electrical wiring is melting, and is a sure fire sign that, if not dealt with in a timely manner, your house will fall victim to an electrical fire.

Old Wiring

If you simply know the fact that your wiring is over ten years old, you should have your electrician examine it. A professional electrician will be aware of any municipal codes that your older wiring may not currently meet, and can give it a thorough examination to ensure that your home won't become the subject of an electrical fire anytime soon.

A professional, licensed electrician is an absolute necessity when it comes to addressing in electrical or wiring based issues in your home. Don't rely on yourself, or those without the credentials, when the touch of a professional could potentially save your life.


24 February 2016