When to Fix-It-Yourself and When to Call an Electrician

Messing with electrical appliances and components is serious business. Hello, my name is George Tanner. I’m a retired electrician. I can’t even begin to tell you how many horror stories I heard over the years of working as an electrician. People who thought they could quickly fix something in their homes but never should have even tried. Some got hurt and others were lucky. My goal here is to provide you with some guidelines as to what electrical malfunctions are easily fixable by nearly any adult, and what you should never attempt on your own. One thing you are going to hear me stress more than once is that electrical components are not to be taken lightly. We protect our children from them; we also have to protect ourselves. I hope you find this blog to be helpful!

Landscape Lighting For Security And Beauty


If you spend any time out in your yard, you've probably thought about installing some form of lighting there. Landscape lighting not only extends the amount of time you can spend outdoors – it can keep your property safe, too. And, if you take pride in your outdoor space, the right lighting can really show it off. Here are some reasons to install lighting features in your lawn and garden areas.

Extra Outdoor Time 

During cooler weather, when days are shorter and night falls quickly, outdoor lighting can provide just enough glow to extend your outdoor time for a little longer. This can be useful if you are entertaining outdoors, and don't want to have to bring all of your guests inside. When there is adequate lighting, your guests will feel safer and more comfortable, too, especially if they aren't familiar with the layout of your lawn. The last thing you want is for one of your friends or family to stumble around in the dark, potentially harming themselves during their visit.


A well-illuminated house is a big turn-off for would-be thieves. Most burglars target homes that are poorly lit so they can be hidden in shadows long enough to get in, get what they want, and get back out. Pretty lighting features at the front or rear of your home are more than just a design statement; they are a great way to let potential burglars know that they can be seen

Highlight Design Features

If you have a beautiful home, you definitely want to showcase it. Recessed lighting, uplighting and highlighting pretty trees or other plants gives your front lawn more depth and showcases detail such as stairways. Coincidentally, it makes these features safer, too, as they are visible at night and won't be a stumbling risk for visitors.

If you have a swimming pool, outdoor lighting provides safety and beauty, drawing attention to the pool and allowing you to see at a glance if children or pets are in or near the water when they shouldn't be.

The right outdoor lighting can also add curb appeal to your home, so if you are trying to sell, consider installing landscape lighting to attract those drive-by viewers who might be curious about your property.

Don't overlook the importance of the right landscape lighting when planning your outdoor spaces. It can transform the outdoors into a welcoming, safe environment for entertaining and everyday living, and it can make your home as beautiful at night as it is during the daytime. Contact an expert like those at JF Electrical Contractors, Inc. to get started.


10 September 2014